• Drakensberg Mug Warmer

    Yarn: SuperTwist DK Designer: Sally Cameron A Mug cozy to keep your winter cup of coffee warm. Click here to view pattern page Photo and pattern information © Sally Cameron
  • Yarn: Eco-Fusion Designer: Brenda Grobler   Spoil yourself and make a love necklace. Glam it up, join it to a string of favourite beads, add anything to it you like!  
  • Yarn: SuperTwist Sock Designer: Vikki Vicatos This stunning little egg cozy uses only a few grams of sock wool, so its the perfect way to use up the last bits of your gorgeous sock wool after you have knit socks or mittens. It features a cute little loop at the top so its easy for little fingers to remove it … and it also makes a really cute Barbie hat too! It has a really simple little lacy stitch that looks like little raindrops and it knits up so quickly - I know you are going to love them! Click here to view pattern page
  • Yarn: Eco-Fusion Alternative Yarns: Eco-Bamboo, Eco-Cotton Designer: Yuliya Nilssen This stole is perfect to wrap around your shoulders for slightly chilly days and nights.   download link  
  • Yarn: Eco-Bamboo Designer: Carlé Dehning Skill Level: Easy The Weekender is a fun and easy make. Using a large hook, this is easily made up in a couple of hours. Use only two colours, or a number of colours in the same palette; this pattern was created for experimentation and fun. The Eco-Bamboo gives it exceptional drape and a gorgeous lustre. download link