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Butterfly Tee


Yarn: Eco-Fusion
Alternative Yarns: SuperTwist Sock
Designer: Tracy Schmittgen of The Knitting Station

Inspired by the arrival of Butterflies in Spring, this lightweight Tee is perfect for warm weather.
Curved Hemline using short row shaping makes a gentle curve and a flattering shape.
When choosing a size use the Hip Measurements for a guide. A 10cms positve ease is included in all sizes.
Provided Schematics assist in choosing the correct size.

Choose a larger size for a boxy oversize garment in a very soft yarn. If you like the idea of flinging on a T-Shirt but prefer to feel a bit less informal and much more feminine then this Tee is the perfect option.
Plus Sized for comfort and drape!

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Photo © The Knitting Station