Welcome to our new Maker Of The Month format!

We love the wide variety of this month’s entries. From blankets, to hoodies, to beanies and gloves. It’s all here.

Cast your vote by clicking here. If a maker has more than one entry, please specify for which of the entries you’re voting. If you’re curious about the yarns used, simply click on the photo of the specific entry, to see all the available colours. Where possible, we linked to the pattern used by the maker.

Voting closes on Sunday, 8 April and the winner will be announced on Monday, 9 April.

Good luck to all of you!

Judy Ferguson George

Judy used Eco-Cotton and knitted a ‘zipline’ hoodie for her daughter. She used Wisteria, a discontinued colourway, but don’t fear! We have plenty of other stunning colours available.

Debi George

Debi used Anvil, Aventurine, Charcoal and Aqua for this blanket. This is such a calming combination of colours.

Celiah Ann

Celiah Ann entered this adorable baby cardigan on behalf of her mother, who doesn’t have any social media accounts. She used Bordeaux and Vanilla in Eco-Fusion to knit the Fuss Free Baby Cardigan, pattern available via Ravelry.

Joyce Lubbe

Joyce made this cute little set for prem babies at the Tygerberg Hospital with Eco-Fusion.

Rachel Raynor

Rachel made her Crafter Granny with Eco-Cotton. The free pattern is available via Ravelry.

Sarah Maddox

Sarah knitted these adorable mittens with Eco-Cotton in Vanilla and Cornflower. Someone is going to have warm hands this winter!

Sarah Maddox

Sarah spoiled herself with a cardigan in Smokey Nights, available in our SuperTwist Sock yarn, DK, Lace and KidSilk.

Marinda Laubser

Marinda made this throw for her mom using the following colours: Vanilla, Mist, Raindrops, Aqua, Denim, Cornflower, Cobblestone, Ocean, Sandstone, Seashell, Watershed, Tidal Pool, Sun Glow, London, Aventurine, Bessie and Wisteria. Marinda was going for a tile-effect and we think she succeeded!

Sonja Van Wyk

Sonja designed this poncho herself, using tunisian crochet and SuperTwist Sock yarn in Roxy’s Cafe.

Isabel Roux

Isabel created these vintage potholders with Eco-Cotton.

Tania van Rooyen

Tania made a mandala with Bessy, Coco, Fawn, Willow and Seashell. What a lovely combination of colours!

Sue Bellwood

Sue makes eco-friendly toys that she sells both locally and internationally under Suzi B Crochet label. This was made with Eco-Cotton.

Candice Grobler

This is Candice’s first garment design under her label, Crafty Crochet Lady. Candice designed this Eco-Cotton in Paris. The pattern is currently being tested and will shortly be available in her Etsy store.


Noma is a Johannesburg-based knitwear designer. Her label Knitting Patterns by Noma produces a wide array of different wearables. This entry was made with Seashell, Pickled Ginger, Sunkissed Coral, Ruby and Bordeaux.

Elaine Pieters

Elaine knitted this top using a variety of  Eco-Fusion shades of grey including some Vanilla.

Rachel Raynor

Rachel made a beanie in Eco-Cotton with all her oddments of yarn.

Joyce Lubbe

Using a combination of Eco-Fusion and Eco-Cotton, Joyce made 11 blankets for the premies at Tygerberg Hospital.