Who We Are

Nurturing Fibres: In 2003 I started to knit socks and began my quest for the perfect sock yarn. The colours/quality available locally were so disappointing that I realised I would have to learn to dye my own yarns. Within the first month, I had to start selling to friends because I was dyeing more yarn than I could knit and did not want to stop dyeing. Soon I began supplying Orion Wool Shop and was enjoying my days, playing with colour.

I chose the name Nurturing Fibres for my Indie dyeing label because I nurture colour into the yarn and then you, the knitter, crocheter, weaver then nurture the yarn into a garment. Finally the garment nurtures and comforts.

I see colour in everything, my memories are not event based but are more colour memories and I really understand colour. I know how to make yellow work with different skin tones and I see colours in complex layers. I like to take a thought or experience, see it in colour and then build up the colours on the yarn until the complexity of the tones beg to be knitted.

Nurturing Fibres is a big part of our farm life.
I am the chief dyer, colour developer and is the dyehouse manager. And do the admin
Karl manages the stock levels, supplies, and accounts.
Nolundi is my right handed (wo)man, She is an excellent dyer and all yarns dyed pass through her hands. She is kind, gentle, loyal and eager to assist and learn. She has been with me since 2002 and we are closely bonded.
Russell and Erik assist Nolundi in dyeing the cotton, fusion and the bamboo yarns. Erik also does balling.
Juamanda does balling and assists Nolundi and I with the dyeing of the wool
Ruben makes our skeins and assists with the balling

Stay happy and keep knitting.

the small print:
My yarns are photographed using a lighting box, but due to variations between monitors, your personal monitor settings, and minor variations even within dye lots of hand-dyed yarns, the yarn you purchase may vary slightly from the photos you see. I do my best to ensure that the my photos are as accurate as possible.