October Maker Of The Month Winner

October Maker Of The Month Winner

We are so glad we weren’t doing the voting this month. Each and every entrant was a potential winner. Well done to all the entrants, your projects continue to inspire us.

Voting is now open for November. Please use the following tag: #NFmakerofthemonth1118

If you enter on Facebook, please make sure that you do so on our Visitor’s Page. If you don’t add the hashtag for that specific month, we won’t be able to pick up your entry. Do not enter your make as a comment on a post. Even if you use the correct hashtag, Facebook doesn’t pick it up when we do a hashtag search and we won’t be able to add you to our list of entries.

If you enter on Instagram, please make double sure that your profile is marked public. Even though you and your friends will be able to see your entry under the hashtag, we won’t. And unfortunately, if we can’t see your entry, we can’t add it to the others at the end of the month. If you don’t want to change your Instagram profile to public (which we really understand) rather add your entry on Facebook.

Thank you to all of you for continuing to make beautiful items with our yarns and entering in this exciting competition. We eagerly look forward to each and every entry each month.

Onwards to our winner…….

All the votes have been tallied and……

Winning with a large margin….

Bronwen Smith!! 

Congratulations Bronwen! Bronwen’s poncho that she designed herself using Eco-Cotton bowled the voters over!

Bronwen will receive a limited edition Maker Of The Month bag, a printed pattern and enough yarn to make the pattern. Nurturing Fibres reserves the right to decide on the content of the bag.

Bronwen, kindly contact us via social media with your contact details.

Lots of love,

Carlé and the NF Crew


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