Pretty Eyelets

Pretty Eyelets

Need a simple, yet elegant stitch pattern? Try this pretty eyelet knitting stitch pattern in your next project. Add as a border, or make an entire scarf with it. We paired the pattern with Eco-Cotton. (For stockists, click here)


The sample was done over 21 sts, with Eco-Cotton in Watershed and 4.00mm needles.

Recommended needle size: 4.00mm

Stitch count: Divisible by 5 + 6 if working flat, 5 + 4 if working in the round.

Recommended projects: 

  • Poncho’s
  • As a decorative border on pullovers, cardigans, hats
  • As a decorative border on baby dresses
  • Shawls



  • k – knit
  • k3tog – knit three together
  • m1 – make 1
  • p – purl
  • rep – repeat
  • st – stitch

Cast on a stitch count as explained above.

Row 1: k2, *p2, k3*, rep from * to last 4 sts, p2, k2, turn.

Row 2: p2, *k2, p3*, rep from * to last 4 sts, k2, p2, turn.

Row 3 – 6: Rep row 1 & 2.

Row 7: k2, *p2, m1, k3tog (insert needles through the back of the sts), m1*, rep from * to last 4 sts, p2, k2, turn.

Row 8: Rep row 2.

The above 8 rows form the stitch pattern, simply keep repeating row 1 – 8.

Happy knitting!

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