• Yarn: SuperTwist Sock Alternative Yarn: Mo'Sock or Silky Sock Designer: Carle' Dehning Vanilla recipe for toe up socks with an afterthought heel, with a few unique variations 1] No cutting of threads 2] Additional stitches in the arch 3] Additional rows on heel. 4] Super comfy, even if you have a high arch, and easy to knit. download link
  • Yarn: Supertwist Sock Designer: Carle Dehning A basic sock pattern for socks knitted in the traditional cuff down manner download link
  • Yarn: Spaghetti Aran Alternative Yarn: SoftSpun Worsted Designer: Carle' Dehning A fun and quick knit that requires some knitting skills. Perfect for intermediate knitters Needle size: 6,5mm circular needle or dpns 8mm needle to cast off download link This pattern was published in the Stitches Magazine.
  • Yarn: SoftSpun Worsted Designer: Carle' Dehning Super easy knit, great for knitters learning to knit in the round. download link
  • Yarn: DK Supertwist Alternative Yarn: Eco-Cotton DK Designer: Carle' Dehning Fun for the kids to play with and to decorate the nature table. download link Click here to Download the pattern
  • Yarn: Soft Spun Worsted Designer: Carle' Dehning I designed this pattern to celebrate my trip to London in Autumn 2013 download link Click here to view pattern page Happy Knitting
  • Yarn: SuperTwist Sock Designer: Carle' Dehning Fast and fun, the glovelettes in the photo use 34g of Supertwist sock. download link
  • Yarn: Supertwist Sock Designer: Carle' Dehning A practical knit that uses up all your scrappy yarn bits. The bulk of this project is knitted in easy linen stitch with a few unusual design elements to add interest. It is a fun project to use up all your handpainted sock wool remnants. This case will last through years of wear and tear and has a lovely texture. The Medium Case holds 12 hooks The Large Case holds 19 hooks download link
  • Yarn: Softspun Lace Designer: Carle' Dehning I fun knit that gives dramatic results with very basic knitting skills. Lovely project for a beginner. download link
  • Yarn: SuperTwist Sock Alternative Yarn: Eco-Fusion Designer: Carle' Dehning Adam's Hat is a reasonably straightforward hat, that can easily be made in a couple of hours. download link
  • These cute gloves can be adjusted to any size. It will make great gifts, and is a really quick make. Yarn:Eco-Cotton Designer: Lizelle Mostert download link  
  • Create something different for your home, or as a gift to a treasured friend. Yarn: Eco-Lush Designer: Tamara Bollo download link    


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