• Dennis The Dragon

    Dennis The Dragon is fun toy to make for a special little one. Play around with colours and make a funky dragon that'll be treasured for many years. Yarn: Eco-Cotton Designer: Jolene Moss download link
  • There are 3 bunnies, each are crocheted in a different yarn and hook size, but are the same pattern. Dixie: Eco-Cotton Maddie: Eco-Fusion Lulu: Eco-Bamboo Alternative Yarns: SuperTwist Sock, SuperTwist DK Designer: Phoebe Grobler download link
  • There are 3 bears, each are knitted in a different yarn but are the same pattern. Mike : Eco-Cotton Harvey: Eco-Fusion Lewis: Eco-Bamboo Designer: Brenda Grobler download link
  • Yarn: DK Supertwist Designer: Carle Dehning This pattern is quite easy, it is knitted in stocking stitch. I have knitted with size 4mm straight needles and this pattern is flat.
  • Yarn: SuperTwist DK Yarn Alternatives: This pattern can be made in any of our yarns. Instructions are provided on the pattern how to adjust for different yarn thicknesses. Designer: CarlĂ© Dehning This tactile ball is perfect for little fingers. Add a bell to the centre, and it would certainly provide hours of entertainment. Download the pattern here:
  • Yarn: DK Supertwist Alternative Yarn: Eco-Cotton DK Designer: Carle' Dehning Fun for the kids to play with and to decorate the nature table. download link Click here to Download the pattern