• Yarn: Eco-Cotton and Eco-Bamboo Designer: Wendy Koutlis This is a wonderfully textured cushion that can either be done in a single colour or in a variety of colours download link
  • The Boho Tunic was originally published in the May/June 2017 issue of Ideas Magazine. This pattern is the basic 'recipe' to create a top-down tunic for ANY size. The pattern contains fully comprehensive instructions to adjust the pattern for any body shape or size. Yarn: Eco-Cotton Difficulty: Intermediate Designer: Brenda Grobler download link
  • This blanket is proof that small squares pack a big punch! Yarn: Eco-Cotton Alternative Yarn: Eco-Fusion Designer: Elecha Muller   download link  
  • Add a fun, yet classic blanket to your collection. Pom-poms add a whole lot of fun to this blanket! Yarn: Eco-Cotton Alternative Yarn: Eco-Fusion Designer: Brenda Grobler download link  
  • An interesting make, using two strands of Eco-Cotton together. This produces a thick fabric. The stitch pattern adds lots of textural interest. Pattern Difficulty: Advanced Beginner Yarn: Eco-Cotton Designer: Ola Ogunlolu     download link    
  • Yarn: Eco-Cotton Designer: Chriselle Wolfaardt Choyamba means “first” in Chichewa, the official language of Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa. Chriselle started her teaching career in Malawi and is currently teaching in China. This is her first written crochet pattern. The name of this scarf is a perfect celebration of her achievements. download link
  • Yarn: Eco-Cotton Designer: Anneke Wiese This pattern originally appeared in Issue 24 of Creative Hobbies. This lovely design from Anneke is so versatile. Add it to a round cushion, and depending on how deep you make your cushion cover, this could double up as a normal cushion or even a floor cushion! Or just make the mandala and use it on its own. For pattern stitch support, visit the Cool As Ice pattern support page. download link  
  • The Corner To Corner Shawl was originally designed for the Ideas Magazine's 2017 Retreat. This is a super project that would work with any of our yarns. Simply adjust your hook size to the yarn you're using. You can also decide how big you want it! Stop working when it has reached your preferred size. Yarn: Any of our yarns, but the pattern was written with Eco-Bamboo Difficulty: Confident Beginners Designer: Carlé Dehning download link      
  • Dennis The Dragon is fun toy to make for a special little one. Play around with colours and make a funky dragon that'll be treasured for many years. Yarn: Eco-Cotton Designer: Jolene Moss download link
  • There are 3 bunnies, each are crocheted in a different yarn and hook size, but are the same pattern. Dixie: Eco-Cotton Maddie: Eco-Fusion Lulu: Eco-Bamboo Alternative Yarns: SuperTwist Sock, SuperTwist DK Designer: Phoebe Grobler download link
  • Let your flamboyant side loose with this fun and frivolous make! Yarn: Eco-Cotton Difficulty: Confident Beginners Designer: Brenda Grobler download link  
  • Cuddles, winter blankets, and night time stories... All that is missing is a cuddly companion. Crochet one of our lovely bears for your favourite little human. The pattern is the same for all three bears, but the sizes differ when different yarns are used. Harvey : Eco-Cotton Mike: Eco-Fusion Lewis: Eco-Bamboo Designer: Brenda Grobler & Phoebe Grobler download link  


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