• Yarn: SuperTwist Sock Alternative Yarn: Eco-Fusion Designer: Carle' Dehning Adam's Hat is a reasonably straightforward hat, that can easily be made in a couple of hours. download link
  • The Pomlicious Backpack is a super cute little backpack, crocheted with sturdy Eco-Cotton. Eco-Cotton is perfect for wash & wear items like this. This roomy bag, with fun pom-poms added, will give your little one lots to smile about! Yarn: Eco-Cotton Designer: Brenda Grobler download link  
  • Dream about the seaside on your couch in the comfort of your own home when you work on this beauty. The squares are proof that simplistic design often has a bigger impact than more intricate designs. Yarn: Eco-Fusion & Eco-Bamboo Difficulty Level: Confident Beginners Designer: Carlé Dehning     download link  
  • Create a cosy nook for your outside entertainment area, with the knitted covers for chinese lanterns. Yarn: Eco-Fusion Designer: Carlé Dehning download link    
  • The Corner To Corner Shawl was originally designed for the Ideas Magazine's 2017 Retreat. This is a super project that would work with any of our yarns. Simply adjust your hook size to the yarn you're using. You can also decide how big you want it! Stop working when it has reached your preferred size. Yarn: Any of our yarns, but the pattern was written with Eco-Bamboo Difficulty: Confident Beginners Designer: Carlé Dehning download link      
  • Love colour as much as we do? Then the Rainbow Blanket is just what you need. The gentle slopes with front post trebles also gives great texture. The pattern originally appeared in Issue 27 (January 2017) of Creative Hobbies Magazine. Yarn: Eco-Cotton & Eco-Fusion Difficulty: Confident Beginners - Intermediate Designer: Brenda Grobler download link  
  • The Every Which Way Vest was originally published in the March 2018 issue of Ideas Magazine. This pattern uses two strands of yarn together (Eco-Bamboo & Eco-Fusion) giving it exceptional drape. This versatile vest can be worn in a variety of ways. It'll look great with a spaghetti strap t-shirt, layered with collared shirt, with jeans or a formal skirt. This top will even look brilliant paired with an evening skirt. The pattern is suitable for confident beginners, and experienced knitters will be able to play around with the pattern and customise it as they see fit. Yarn: Eco-Fusion & Eco-Bamboo Designer: Brenda Grobler download link
  • Mochaccino is an elegant knitted shawl, with a touch of whimsy. This shawl will look beautiful in any of our earthy tones. Yarn: Eco-Fusion Designer: Juanita Muir download link      
  • Use a variety of colours to create a gorgeous granny square blanket, that'll evoke a lot of memories! Yarn: Eco-Cotton Alternative Yarn: Eco-Fusion Designer: Doortjie Gersbach   download link  
  • Squared originally appeared in the September 2017 issue of Create Magazine and is now available on our website. Yarn: Eco-Cotton Alternative Yarn: Eco-Fusion Designer: Carlé Dehning     download link  
  • Use all your odd balls of Eco-Cotton to make these pretty granny squares. Make a whole bunch and sew them together for an awesome patchwork blanket. Yarn: Eco-Cotton (all our yarn bases would be terrific for this pattern) Designer: Elecha Muller download link  
  • Summer Rebel originally appeared in the Autumn 2017 issue of Create Magazine. It is an uncomplicated design that will take you from late summer through to early winter. Made in Nurturing Fibres’ Eco Fusion, this is a timeless piece that you have to add to your wardrobe. Yarn: Eco Fusion Designer: Brenda Grobler download link


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