Yarn: Eco-Cotton, Eco-Fusion or Eco-Bamboo
Designer: Brenda Grobler

We, at Nurturing Fibres HQ, strive to keep our footprint on the environment as light as possible. Amongst other things, we don’t use plastic bags to shop anymore. But we know how super busy moms can be. With careers, with kids, with everyday stuff. Remembering to take the fabric bags along for the weekly shop might not be at the top of the list! This is where the Moscow Market Bag comes in. Firstly, it can be made in any one of our three Eco ranges of yarns and the best part is, that it has a handy little pouch as part of the design, so the entire bag can be folded and stored in even the smallest of handbags. The entire project uses only two balls of yarn in contrasting colours and only takes a few hours to complete, making it an easy AND economical project.

PS. We used this bag extensively during our recent visit to Russia and it was brilliant!

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