A lot of fun happened at the Studio yesterday! We had the privilege of hosting Atty and the Beinspired girls for the #Beinspired2017 tour.

Atty wearing lovely crochet necklaces, made especially for her by @crochetinpaternoster

Atty is such an inspiration! We learned great trips and tricks. Who knew you could get rid of all your ends that quickly and with such little fuss?

Carlé learning a thing or two!

We saw old (and made new) friends!

We were awed by all the beautiful pieces of crochet in progress with our lovely yarns.

Lizelle’s beautiful Atlanticus in progress.

How stunning is this piece from Crochetinpaternoster?

Blocks from Anita Penney

More blocks from Crochetinpaternoster

Some of our beautiful yarns that were part of the goody bags.

Thank you so much Chantal & Julie from BeInspired and a very warm thank you to Atty for making the trip out to South Africa. And super thanks to all that attended!

See you at the next one!