Larger Projects in Nurturing Fibres Yarns
Hand-dyed yarns are ideal for big projects, but to get the best results there are a few guidelines:
a] Ensure that you purchase sufficient from a dye lot to finish your project.
b] Hand-dyed dyed skeins can have subtle variances so for any project requiring multiple skeins, so I recommend you alternate balls every few rows.
c] Alternatively, gently ease into a new skein by alternating between the ‘live’ ball and the new ball for about 3 cm. This will help the transition to not be obvious but I recommend you use the method suggested in b].

Caring and Knitting with your Yarn:
I recommend you store your yarn in zip-lock bags to prevent the dreaded moth attacking your stash.
Keep your yarn out of direct sunlight.

Care of your Knitted Garments:
The yarn is thoroughly washed before it is sold, however, due to variances in the ph of water its possible for a small amount of dye to run from the yarn during the first wash. I recommend that you wash your yarn or garment separately.
For the longevity of your finished item, I recommend hand washing your hand knitted items, even those knitted with superwash wool. Dry hand knitted garments flat in the shade and treat them gently to help them keep their shape and stay precious