Ravelry is a wonderful way to connect with other knitters in South Africa and worldwide. With 3 million members world wide you are pretty much guaranteed that you will find crafters with the same interests as you. It is a free and fun community that is supportive and inspiring.

If a pattern is on the www, then it will be listed on Ravelry. If you are looking for specific patterns for a yarn you have, then use the left navigation bar to specify what you are looking for. It’s really easy, and you will be surprised at the endless lists of free patterns you will find on Ravelry.

Once you are a Ravelry member, you can search for groups of people with similar interests and then join them. On these groups you can ask questions, meet other crafters and share photos of your projects.

I am on Ravelry and have a fantastic group of crafters in my group, please come and join us. It will be great to get to know you. If you have any questions while on Ravelry, please use the links below to find Nurturing Fibres.

I’ve also added a direct link to my profile so that you can reach me if need be.

See you there 🙂

Happy knitting

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