Most people know me as a dyer of super fine wools but I am also a knitter, spinner, weaver, crocheter and occasional felter. In fact, any fibre craft excites me, so what am I then, a Fibrer? 😉 But let me not distract myself into writing about other wonderful crafts, I really want to chat about my relationship with crochet and the hook.

Am I a crocheter?

I have crocheted since December 1998. I suppose you wonder how I can recall the date? Well I learnt on my honeymoon, I was taught by my Mother-in-law. Oh, no! Hahaha, she did not go with us on honeymoon!!! She was in Graaf Reinet at the ‘Basson familie huis’ and we were passing through. In the 1970’s Oumas Basson had covered her couches in mustard, brown and avocado green crochet, while the colours were, erm… interesting, I was fascinated with the texture created by hooking. My Mom-in-law, like any loyal crocheter, did not hesitate and found a 3,5mm hook and Double Knit yarn and immediately taught me the granny square. I left with these 2 life changing items and as Karl and I toured around South Africa I crocheted my squares and joined them as I went. I still have the blanket, somewhere. 😉

It was this event that lead to me immersing myself in the fibre world.

King size Mohair Blanket -  By Carle' Dehning

King size Mohair Blanket – By Carle’ Dehning

So am I skilled enough to call myself a crocheter? Until this week this is not something I had ever questioned. I assumed, that since I could hold the hook and make the stitches, I was a crocheter. I never realised that there is a HUGE variance in crochet knowledge, with me close to the bottom of the skills pile. But what I noticed, in class presented by Beatrix, is that quite a few of the participants were apologetic [or was is shy?] of the level of their skills. I watched the most skilled and the absolute beginners all in the same space. All with an equal amount of enjoyment for what they were learning. All with unadulterated delight at the cleverness that can be achieved with a yarn and hook.

So YES I am a crocheter, I became a crocheter the day that my Mom-in-law sat with me on the crocheted couch and taught me that very same skill that her Mom taught her many years before. She passed down her families ‘woman’ knowledge to me so that I can pass it on to whomever crosses my path.

Yesterday I saw new crocheters being ‘born’ and I have a message for them…
Please don’t doubt your skill level, don’t undermine your achievements. You are now a part of the warm and caring community of crochet sisterhood. You now are a crocheter, so pack a hook and yarn in your handbag, it is a wonderful way to enjoy your time while your husband is playing golf/surfing/braaing. It fills the gaps of time that we have at the school car-park, at extra curricula activities or even on the bus! The more you crochet in public, the more like minded friends you will make.

Happy Crocheting Everyone!