Welcome to our final round of Maker Of The Month. This will be last time we have this competition. Carlé is planning something awesome and fresh for 2019 so keep an eye on our social pages for the announcement.

We have another awesome group of entries for the December Maker Of The Month.

Cast your vote by clicking here. (Subject: Maker Of The Month – and add the name of the entrant you’d like to vote for; in the case of multiple entries per person, please specify which entry you’re voting for)

To see all our beautiful yarns click here: Nurturing Fibres Yarn

The entries are listed in alphabetical order.

Voting closes on Sunday, 13 December and the winner will be announced during the following week.

Good luck to all of you!


Bethany Dewar
@clairenorden via Instagram
Heidi Seebach De Bruin Entry 1
Heidi Seebach De Bruin Entry 2
Jan Luane Jones Entry 1
Jan Luane Jones Entry 2
@lizellemossie via Instagram
Lucy McDermid
Madeleine Engelbrecht
@mary_botha Entry 1
@mary_botha Entry 2
@pret_michelle via Instagram
Tracy Middlemiss
@yarnaddictsa via Instagram