Wow guys! We really enjoyed your entries this month!

Entries are now open for December. Please use the following tag: #NFmakerofthemonth1218 Please note that you are able to enter until the 7th of January 2019. We will only be posting the December entrants after the 7th of January, as we will be away at the end of the month for our annual break.

If you enter on Facebook, please make sure that you do so on our Visitor’s Page. If you don’t add the hashtag for that specific month, we won’t be able to pick up your entry. Do not enter your make as a comment on a post. Even if you use the correct hashtag, Facebook doesn’t pick it up when we do a hashtag search and we won’t be able to add you to our list of entries.

If you enter on Instagram, please make double sure that your profile is marked public. Even though you and your friends will be able to see your entry under the hashtag, we won’t. And unfortunately, if we can’t see your entry, we can’t add it to the others at the end of the month. If you don’t want to change your Instagram profile to public (which we really understand) rather add your entry on Facebook.

Thank you to all of you for continuing to make beautiful items with our yarns and entering in this exciting competition. We eagerly look forward to each and every entry each month.

Onwards to our winner……. And this month, for the first time EVER!!!! we had a tie!! How fantastic is that!!

Madeleine Engelbrecht & Sonja Van Wyk!!!!

Madeleine made the Eco-Fusion shawl from Ideas Magazine, and Sonja made Mr & Mrs Forest Gnome, also with Eco-Fusion. 

Congratulations, Madeleine & Sonja, we’re so pleased for both of you!

Madeleine’s lovely shawl
Sonja’s Mr & Mrs Forest Gnome

Please send us an inbox message with your contact details.


Carle & the NF Crew, xx